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Estudiantes de la UTM compiten en el Campeonato Internacional de Robótica

UTM students compete in the International Robotics Championship

With the Recyclebot project, students from the University...

With the Recyclebot project

Morelia, Michoacán, October 31, 2023.- With the Recyclebot project, students from the Technological University of Morelia (UTM) participate in the VEX International Robotics Championship, organized by the College of Scientific and Technological Studies of the State of Michoacán (Cecytem ) and the STEM Academy.

This pilot prototype is designed to revolutionize the recycling process by integrating conveyor lines that enable efficient sorting of inorganic materials, with a special focus on PET and other plastics.

The students of the Mechatronics and Industrial Maintenance careers of the Technological University of Morelia, Valeria Cristina Guzmán Rivera, Daniel Ortiz Sánchez and Luis Enrique Cerda Rodríguez, participate in the Automation category and are the promoters of the Recyclebot project, which aims reduce environmental pollution by more efficiently converting recycled materials into raw materials.

The VEX International Robotics Championship is an event that brings together 1,600 students from Mexico, the United States, Canada, Colombia and Panama. It is not just a competition, but a forum that promotes creativity and practical learning in fields related to technology and engineering. Additionally, it encourages collaboration and constructive competition among participants, which contributes to the development of valuable skills in students.

The participation of the students of the Technological University of Morelia in this event is a testimony of their commitment to innovation and sustainability. The Recyclebot project is a tangible example of how youth are addressing the environmental challenges of our time through technology and engineering.