About us


Train Higher University Technicians and Engineers or Graduates, for the productive sector of the region, through an educational model based on Professional Competences, innovative and with quality, so that the graduate of the Educational Programs offered by our Institution, achieve their labor insertion immediately, in your area of ​​specialty.


To be a prestigious Higher Education Institution, nationally and internationally, recognized for the quality of its Educational Programs and the high performance of its graduates in the productive sector of the region, with competent and committed personnel, as well as the constant updating and expansion of the educational offer and offering Technological and Continuing Education Services.


As an educational institution at a higher level, we established, since its inception, values ​​that set the standard for us to conduct ourselves correctly as members of a University Community:

Commitment: I will collaborate positively in activities for the university even when these are not within my contractual responsibility.

Teamwork: I will work collaboratively with my peers to achieve a shared goal.

Honesty: I will be consistent between my thinking and my actions based on truth and justice.

Respect: I will not invalidate or damage the thoughts, actions and professional performance of my colleagues.

Service attitude: I will attend to the needs of the university community with a positive and professional attitude.