Technological University of Morelia

Estudiantes de Biotecnología de la UTM proyectan empresa para sustituir bolsas de polietileno

UTM Biotechnology students plan a company to replace polyethylene bags

Yuliana García Mondragón, Paola García Mondragón, Mariana…

Morelia, Michoacán, November 7, 2022.- Yuliana García Mondragón, Paola García Mondragón, Mariana Cruz Cruz and Tomás Reséndiz Alcantar were the winners of the Being an Entrepreneur in Biotechnology Engineering Contest at the Technological University of Morelia (UTM) with a producer of forest packaging using espadin agave fiber (Agave Agustifolia Haw) and organic inputs. 

The packages have resistance, hardness and water retention, they are unique and sustainable, fulfilling the function of storage, transport and direct planting of forest trees, thus reducing the use of the PBD low-density polyethylene bag in forest nurseries, explained Yuliana García Mondragon.

Mariana Cruz Cruz described that the forest packaging they propose is a biodegradable product, made from espadin agave fiber, with the appropriate dimensions for the growth of forest trees, 20 centimeters high, 7 centimeters wide and 0.2 thick, and It replaces the PBD low-density polyethylene plastic in forest nurseries that is used for transplanting, storing, transporting and planting plants. 

Reséndiz Alcantar explained that the company called MACAQ Organic brings together part of the name of each shareholder, which also coincides with the company's philosophy of maintaining ethics and innovation to improve the quality of forest products, from waste and organic inputs, generating an economic, social and environmental impact, which improves human life.

Paola Mondragón explained that the organization plan projects the generation of 37 direct jobs and a target market of 19 nurseries, tree producers and zero competition. 

He also explained that MACAQ Organics is an unestablished company, which does not have any source of financing, however, they have inquired about government support from the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR).