Technological University of Morelia

Estudiantes de la UTM podrán capacitarse en Japón en tecnologías emergentes

UTM students will be able to train in emerging technologies in Japan

Next week the call will be launched for students of the Technological University...

• Next week a call is launched to participate with Mirai Innovation

Morelia, Michoacán, April 26, 2024.- Next week the call will be launched for students from the Technological University of Morelia (UTM) to travel to Osaka, Japan, and participate with Mirai Innovation in its training program in emerging technologies. 

The announcement was made during the Mirai Innovation event: a window to the future, where experts in cognitive neuroscience applied to robotics systems met.

During the event, training on Aura Development was reported, a tool that interprets brain signals using electrodes in a cap, with software available at the university.

In the conferences, the CEO of the Mirai Innovation Research Institute in Japan, Christian Peñaloza explored the Neurotechnologies of the future and the concept of human 2.0, in which he highlighted that transformative technologies will change our reality and allow us to improve humanity and new possibilities in human-machine interaction and rehabilitation for people with disabilities. It presented notable advances in Japan, such as body activity monitoring clothing, smart robotic prostheses, and 3D bioprinted organs.

The second presentation was given by Artemisa Jaramillo, Director of Digital Marketing at the Mirai Innovation Research Institute in Osaka, who addressed emerging technologies, business innovation and the future of work. He highlighted the importance of using technology to positively transform humanity and create initiatives that transcend the university environment, including the care of water and the preservation of forests.