Technological University of Morelia

Celebra UTM titulación de 600 estudiantes de la generación 2021-2023

UTM celebrates the graduation of 600 students from the 2021-2023 generation

The Technological University of Morelia (UTM) celebrates the graduation of 600 students in a...

As higher university technicians, engineers and graduates

Morelia, Michoacán, November 10, 2023.- The Technological University of Morelia (UTM) celebrates the graduation of 600 students in a ceremony divided into two formal events. The first, aimed at 332 graduates as university senior technicians, and the second, at 267 engineering and bachelor's degree holders, corresponding to the 2021-2023 generation.

The first ceremony, presided over by Governor Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla, highlighted the culmination of a dream and the beginning of new goals for the graduates. In his words, he expressed his gratitude for the work of the rector Graciela C. Andrade García Peláez.

In her message, the rector celebrated the twenty-second generation of university senior technicians and highlighted that it is the first to graduate during the administration of Governor Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla. “It is the culmination of a dream and the hope for better well-being,” he said.

During the second ceremony, which was attended by the State Secretary of Education, Gabriela Molina Aguilar, representing the state president, García Peláez spoke about the achievements of the graduates in various competitions, highlighting the opening of a master's degree in information technology. information and institutional commitment to the constant updating of graduates.

In addition, it was reported on the inauguration of new laboratories and equipment that are already generating tangible results, such as the processing of rose petals for sale in the United States and Dubai.

He concluded his message by reiterating UTM's commitment to continuing to be the best university, with plans to open master's degrees, academic units and strategic collaborations. The importance of collaboration and solidarity was highlighted as a key to development and evolution, inviting students to continue contributing to the progress of Michoacán.