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UTM prepara a estudiantes ante el crecimiento del nearshoring en México

UTM prepares students for the growth of nearshoring in Mexico

The rector of the Technological University of Morelia, Graciela Carmina Andrade García, stressed...

The rector highlighted when she participated as a speaker in the first Congress of Cecytem Universities.

Morelia, Michoacán, June 21, 2023.- The rector of the Technological University of Morelia, Graciela Carmina Andrade García, highlighted the importance of nearshoring in Mexico and its impact on the current labor market. In particular, he highlighted how the UTM academic model, which emphasizes 70 percent practice and 30 percent theory, prepares students to take advantage of the opportunities offered by this constantly growing sector.

When participating as a speaker in the first Congress of Universities of the College of Scientific and Technological Studies of the State of Michoacán (Cecytem), the rector pointed out that the careers offered by the UTM such as Gastronomy, Biotechnology, Information Technologies, Renewable Energies, Design of Fashion, Mechatronics, Industrial Maintenance, Food Processing, and soon Cooperative Financial Advisor, are specifically designed to meet the current demands of companies globally. 

"These degrees provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to stand out in the competitive environment of nearshoring, where Mexico has positioned itself as an attractive destination for foreign investment," he said.

As part of the vision of the UTM to promote quality education, the Rector invited graduates of upper secondary level to process their registration form through the portal, antes del 7 de julio. De esta manera, podrán acceder a una formación académica integral que los preparará para aprovechar las oportunidades de empleo en el sector del nearshoring.

The Technological University of Morelia is proud to contribute to the training of professionals trained to face current challenges and appreciates the opportunity to participate in the First Congress of Cecytem Michoacán Universities 2023, an event that was carried out in a hybrid manner, both in format face-to-face and online, with the participation of the 93 state schools and the central headquarters.