Technological University of Morelia

UTM y Finanzas revisan necesidades para impulsar la excelencia académica

UTM and Finance review needs to promote academic excellence

The rector of the Technological University of Morelia (UTM) Graciela C. Andrade…

The rector Graciela C. Andrade and the head of the SFA held a working meeting.

Morelia, Michoacán, May 22, 2023.- The rector of the Technological University of Morelia (UTM) Graciela C. Andrade, met with the Secretary of Finance and Administration, Luis Navarro García to review aspects related to the university budget.

In this context where essential issues were raised to promote growth and academic excellence, Andrade stressed the importance of having the support of the Government of Michoacán in strengthening the educational institution.

The rector pointed out the need to have a budget item to encourage research, development and creativity in the university, noting that it would be key to fostering the generation of knowledge and promoting innovation in various fields of knowledge.

He requested a budget item to support socio-cultural activities and promote health within the university community, since he explained that they play a fundamental role in the well-being and comprehensive training of students.

Finally, he spoke of a third budget item to be allocated to the implementation of technological services for the benefit of students, and teaching and administrative staff, which, he said, will later generate resources that will contribute to the state's finances.

The Technological University of Morelia reaffirms its commitment to quality academic training and the promotion of research. He appreciates the support of the Government of Michoacán and is optimistic about the development and continuous growth of the institution.