Technological University of Morelia

UTM announces celebrations for its 23rd anniversary

The Technological University of Morelia (UTM), begins a new semester and the rector Graciela C. Andrade, highlighted that this…

During the beginning of a new semester.

Morelia, Michoacán, May 11, 2023.- The Technological University of Morelia (UTM), begins a new four-month period and the rector Graciela C. Andrade, highlighted that this period is significant, since the 23rd anniversary of the institution will be celebrated, Therefore, he invited teachers, administrators and students to actively participate in the commemorative activities that will take place.

In the act, he congratulated the students who obtained the first places in the Michoacan Science and Engineering Fair (FEMICI), held on March 31, and who won their pass to the national phase. He emphasized that these achievements are a source of pride for the university.

He also announced the holding of the UTM Alumni Week, an event in which lectures will be given by alumni, highlighting success stories of students who are currently doing stays, sharing their experiences and achievements with the university community.

The rector highlighted the excellent perception that businessmen have of the students and graduates of the UTM. However, he urged them to continue working on the development of skills, both in mastering the English language and in strengthening skills that allow them to become actively involved in issues of social responsibility.

And it is that he stressed the importance of acquiring these additional skills to stand out even more in the professional field and contribute positively to society. Finally, a call was made to the entire university community to maintain an environment of respect and continue working together towards the achievement of academic and social objectives.