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En Michoacán, vamos en equipo por la educación

In Michoacán, we go as a team for education

In Michoacán, a single team is constituted to advance for education, a team that shares, collaborates and plans in the long term, explained the secretary...

Transformation requires teamwork, sharing, collaborating and planning together: Gabriela Molina

Morelia, Michoacán, January 10, 2023.- In Michoacán, a single team is formed to advance for education, a team that shares, collaborates and plans for the long term, explained the Secretary of Education, Gabriela Molina Aguilar.

Before technology directors, universities and higher education institutes, as well as upper secondary education institutions, he argued that if everyone works individually or in isolation, we will not be able to transform and improve the educational conditions of the entity, and he proposed working in planning, infrastructure and experience cabinets.

In the civic patio of the Technological University of Morelia (UTM), he explained that it is important that schools have useful infrastructure conditions, but even more necessary is that teachers are transmitting knowledge.

"Let it be our goal to make the generation and transmission of knowledge a strategic instrument to detonate and take advantage, with equity and inclusion, of the enormous potential that Michoacán has," said the Secretary of Education.

Molina Aguilar, addressing the university students present, invited them to participate in this transformation, forming volunteers that share their creativity and passions in favor of society, in the area that inspires them: environment, feminism, human rights, among others.

He reminded them that education is the only thing that will lead them to achieve all their dreams and in Michoacán there are many options for all young people who finish high school to continue studying in the 318 public and private institutions.

For her part, Mariana Sosa Olmeda, director of the Institute of Higher and Higher Education, stressed that today all higher education institutions are open, there are no unemployed unions, because the will to advance and improve prevailed.

Meanwhile, Graciela Andrade García Peláez, rector of the UTM explained that an investment of more than 40 million pesos has been managed, thanks to the efforts of the Federal and State Government united in the desire that all young people complete their higher education. , have jobs, consolidate companies and promote the development of Michoacán.