Technological University of Morelia

Convocatoria de Trofeo Culinario Michoacán 2022

They present the Call for the Michoacán Culinary Trophy 2022

The Technological University of Morelia in coordination with Vatel Club México A.C. will perform…

  • There will be a tribute dinner to Chef Livier Ruiz

Morelia, Michoacán, September 7, 2022.- The Technological University of Morelia in coordination with Vatel Club México A.C. will hold the Michoacán 2022 Culinary Trophy on October 6, at the facilities of the UTM Gastronomy race.
The rector of the UTM, Graciela Andrade García Peláez and the President of Club Vatel México, Hugo Mora Alcaraz, presented the call for participation for chefs from Michoacán who must present and cook three dishes, an appetizer, main course and dessert, to compete for the prize of $10,000.00 pesos. 
Hugo Mora Alcaráz highlighted that the winning chef of the 2022 Michoacán Culinary Trophy will have the pass to participate in the prestigious and international Thierry Blouet Trophy, which for the first time will be based in Morelia, and at the UTM facilities, next March 2023.
Jonathan Moreno Jaramillo, deputy director of the Bachelor of Gastronomy explained that the 2022 Michoacán Culinary Trophy will be a space dedicated to the academic strengthening of the student community of the UTM and other universities, also through conferences, the gastronomic contest and refresher courses. with the experts in Gastronomy, from September 19 to 26, 2022, in the Gastronomy Laboratories and that the agenda is in
Tony Castillo, chef from Chicago Invited Gastronomy students and the general public to enroll in the Gourmet Cake Courses, which will be taught by Hugo Mora; of Bakery, by Oscar García and a course on the elaboration of traditional carnitas by Chef Daniel Contreras and Chef Raúl García.
Within the framework of the activities of this event, Conferences will be held: Chef Tony Castillo will present, "The kitchen as a transforming system", Oscar Segundo, "Xocol: Inherited knowledge"; Enrique Farjeat, Juanita Bravo and Antonina González, will talk about "Traveling even with the comal".

There will be a break with Lunch – Tasting at the Indoor Court of the UTM with Traditional Dishes by Juanita Bravo, Antonina González and María Inés Dimas.
Subsequently, he will present the paper: Karen Valadéz "Experiences make the chef"; Luis Jiménez de Santiago “But you wanted to be a chef 2”.
On the same day, October 6, at night there will be a tribute dinner to Chef Livier Ruíz, a diligent researcher of Michoacán Gastronomy, an event that will take place at the Hotel Grand María.