Technological University of Morelia

Vinculan UTM y APEAM fortalezas a favor de estudiantes

UTM and APEAM link strengths in favor of students

The Technological University of Morelia (UTM) and the Association of Producers and Exporter Packers of Avocado…

  • Young people will put their skills into practice by carrying out their stays and research in different areas of the organization

Morelia, Michoacán, July 19, 2022.-The Technological University of Morelia (UTM) and the Association of Producers and Packers Exporters of Avocado of Mexico (APEAM A.C.) linked strengths so that students put into practice what they learned and even can promote lines of research and development through their internships and stays.

Graciela Andrade García Peláez, rector of the UTM, recalled that the institution in her charge works to strengthen educational programs through the Center for Innovation and Technology, a digital ecosystem and the Food Transformation laboratory for Biotechnology careers, Food Processes and Gastronomy; as well as the equipment for Information and Communication Technologies, with a budget of almost 15 million pesos. 

He stressed that the project includes creating a technology card that allows for analytical management in which students participate, consistent with the qualities of the academic model, through 70 percent of practical activities, research, laboratories and production units such as the APEAM.

In this sense, Armando López Orduña, general director of the APEAM, mentioned that the organization is made up of 30,488 producers, in 48 municipalities and 74 avocado exporting packers. 

He added that the organization is the only cooperating partner recognized before the Department of Agriculture (USDA) to export to the United States, a market that represents 84 percent of exports. In addition to exports to Canada, Japan, China and other Asian countries, as well as Europe and Central America.

Finally, López Orduña presented the organization's work team, from the Sustainable Development Management, Operations Management and Information Technology Management, where UTM students can be integrated in their internships and stays.