Technological University of Morelia

Estudiantes de la UTM accederán a modelo de negocio de FIRA

UTM students will access FIRA's business model

 The Technological University of Morelia (UTM) established a relationship with Instituted Trusts in Relation to…

The enterprise includes the organization of producers and credit schemes.

Morelia, Michoacán, February 21, 2023.- The Technological University of Morelia (UTM) established a link with Instituted Trusts in Relation to Agriculture (FIRA) so that students can access business models.

The rector of the campus, Graciela Andrade García Peláez, and students, were received by Leobardo Contreras, a FIRA specialist, at the "Salvador Lopez Lira" Center for Technological Development, where they learned about the way of working that is carried out to give impetus to the field of Mexico.

They explained how to access the business model and its scope, which ranges from the organization of producers, credit schemes, guarantees and services to boost the competitiveness of the field.

Leobardo Contreras commented that the courses offered by the Technological University of Morelia are an excellent opportunity for the comprehensive development of the agricultural sector throughout Mexico, since they promote comprehensive development through its 100 offices strategically distributed throughout the country.

Students Maryan Francisco Santos Cuevas and Iliana Acosta Pérez, from the Information Technologies in Virtual and Digital Environments career, mentioned that this experience allows them to know how to contribute their knowledge and apply it in agribusiness.

During the tour, it was possible to share the areas of opportunity that FIRA presents so that UTM students come to carry out their stays and stays to generate joint projects, ranging from the development of technological platforms, integrated pest management, nutrition, control of microorganisms, greenhouse covers and maintenance of agricultural equipment.